Write a blog I was told… What to write I thought…

Six months later I think I have a plan, well we’ll see what happens. So where to start? At the beginning is probably best.

Not a Jewellery Box was started 6 years ago. I have always loved jewellery and I must be honest and say that I am a neat freak. I found if I had jewellery in a box I would forget it was there, so I started to look for ideas to store it. There wasn’t much around so Not a Jewellery Box begun.

So my neatness extends beyond jewellery. I have a studio that I use to take photographs and I have quite a collection of props and jewellery that I use in photos. I always try to buy handmade from the UK where I can.

I wanted a Grid Wall to display the tools of my trade but found they were quite pricey online. So my partner and I bought some wire fencing for £6.99 a can of spray paint and we sprayed it white. He fixed it on the wall and ta da….


Hanging in the middle is our new Earring Hanger, designed by us, made in the UK then back to us to hand finish. Its designed to be easy to take off the wall so that you can store your earrings and make the most of your collection. Also available dipped in pastel paint.