Valentines Day – Love it or Loath it??

Nothing says Thoughtful Gifting like a personalised product- it screams “Hey, I actually put a lot of thought into this and didn’t just follow the rest of the sheep towards the supermarket flower stand…” Guys (or even girls, of course) welcome to Not A Jewellery Box!

We have been busy in the studio designing a lovers range of our classic Mini Dishes this year and they’re guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.Jewellery Dish Lovers Collection

Just choose the colour of the design, add a name or your initials and leave the rest to us.

Vinyl Colour OptionsTrust us, she wants something beautiful yet practical and this is exactly where you’re going to find it. A couple of clicks and boom! you’re done. A sweet and thoughtful gift will be with you in no time at all. Oh, and that teddy bear you’ve seen, holding the red heart saying ‘I love you’ is NOT what she wants AGAIN this year.

So, top advice given there (you’re welcome), now for us Valentine grinches.

Valentines Day, aka, ‘Lets-hike-up-the-price-of-anything-pink-and-rush-you-through-your-expensive-main-course’ Day as we so eloquently like to call it, it’s that annoying time of year when your Insta feed is full of #BoyDidGood, diamond rings and more Micheal Kors watches than you can shake a stick at. Or, it can cause the mother of all arguments when he’s forgotten it, AGAIN.

Well, we say toodle-ooh to typical tradition and say treat yourselves this year! Or better still make the most of the opportunity to make your best friend smile (who does actually remember your date of birth, favourite song, films that make you cry etc etc etc) and partake in Galentines Day!

Treat your best girl to a new Love Jewellery Standlove jewellery stand or Jewellery Dish personalised with her name instead of them overpriced roses which only last a week, or those chocolates she likes when she’s started her diet for the forth time already this year.

All in all, wether you’re in love with that someone special or just feel like you could do with loving yourself a bit more, NAJB have got your back