Upcycle Your Jewellery Box

Looking out of the window, it might actually be spring soon. Perhaps… maybe…

So I’ve started thinking about Spring Cleaning.

I like to have a tidy up every now and then, going through clothes, books, kitchen cupboards and the rest, clearing out the things that are out of date, not worn, not read, not needed. Some of it goes in the bin, obviously, but some things are still good quality, just not for me any more. I’ve been known to eBay the odd thing, or take bags of clothes or books to the charity shops in town.

But there are somethings that are too precious to get rid of, just not useable in their current state.

I had a ring of my grandmother’s, in colours I love, which doesn’t really fit my hands. Obviously, I’m not going to eBay that, so I had it made into a pendant, which I wear loads. The work cost about £40 at a jeweller’s, but is worth far more to me than that.

I’ve also had necklaces re-made, using the stones and beads to create something more in my style.

Using beads or pendants from broken jewellery to create something entirely different is also great fun. Modelling clay, or a glue gun, plus a mirror tile, to create a framed mirror is a lovely idea. Or making tassels for bags or keyrings, even getting kids to help and having a creative afternoon on a wet Saturday.

Plus you’ve tidied out some stuff you weren’t using, so you can call it Spring Cleaning – it’s a win! So time to dust off that jewellery box and see what you can upcycle.

Monstera Leaf Personalised Jewellery Box