Surviving the summer holidays as a work from home mum

Here is my guide to surviving the summer holidays as a work from home mum. The summer holidays always fill me with mixed emotions and I wonder how I will survive.  Ok so survival is a bit drastic I am all for no school run but two child size distractions can make working form home a challenge.
I am lucky that my business’ peak time is Christmas and Mother’s Day so summer is my quieter time. I always find that September quickly arrives and all of a sudden the impending doom of Christmas is upon me.
For me survival is all about routine and being realistic about what is a must do.
My Survival Guide:
Create a new routine. Mine is work till 1pm and then Family Time in the afternoon. I continue to get up early and spend my coffee time doing admin and printing orders. Then it’s on to the personalisations and packing up the orders. On a good day I can do this before my lazy bum children extract themselves from their bed.
My top tips to do before the holidays start:
  • Write your blog posts and plan newsletters. Have these ready to set live and ready to send. I use Mail Chimp for my emails so this is easy to prep.
  • Do a good online shop house keeping session. Are you happy with all of your photos and descriptions.
  • Execute any ideas you have swirling around in your head.
  • Give the house a huge spring clean and organise.  I find life so much less stressful when things are in their place and cupboards are not about to combust.

Be realistic:

I basically make the next 6 weeks all about the must dos. Not the nice to dos! If I don’t post on Social Media everyday then it doesn’t matter.  I give myself permission to slow down.
Top Mum Tip:
I like to ask my two to each write a little list of things they want to do. A bit of a holiday bucket list. These get put on the fridge and are there to motivate them to be good and me to have some good quality family time.
Also why not rope the kids in to help a little. My daugther is 13 now and will be working more during the school holidays. My two love sticking stickers on packaging and helping do the orders. So apologies now is things get a bit wonky.
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