Summer is here! We hope…

And if the weather is nice, you’re probably planning holidays, sandy beaches and ice-cream. And if it’s not nice, maybe just wishing for holidays, sandy beaches and ice-cream.

Either way, we’re right there with you!

Here are our favourite things that will make your summer easier.

Let’s start with summer at home. You know what it’s like – you have three pairs of nice sunglasses, and a ratty pair you wear in the garden, and when you’re about to step out of the door to go to a smart barbeque, you can ONLY find the ratty pair. Or you can find the nicest ones, but someone’s put a set of keys on them, and the lens is scratched. Familiar? Tell me it’s not just in this household?

Glasses Rack - Monstera Leaf


What you need is our fabulous NAJB sunglasses holder. Available with a variety of designs, to customise them for your style, our mini drying rack will store all your shades, without scratches, just where you need them. Unisex, and simply stylish, these will be perfect for any home where sunnies go missing regularly!

Have you ever been on a holiday which requires some glam accessories? (Cruise? Business trip? Travelling for a wedding?) Then you’ll probably be accustomed to untangling your necklaces on arrival, and re-pairing your earrings, perhaps even repairing them. You’ll probably have chosen which earrings to take based on whether you can get them to the other end without breakages, and be reluctant to take anything particularly precious or fragile.

If so, we think you might be very interested in our Little Book range. These are specifically designed to solve the problem of transporting jewellery on holiday (though can be used on your dresser as well, very happily), and are a very elegant solution.

There are three different Little Books – Little Book of Necklaces, Little Book of Earrings, and Little Little Book of Earrings. They are all book-shaped, with faux leather covers in a variety of cheerful colours, and a press fastening, plus, as ever, personalisation is available.

The Little Book of Necklaces has four padded pages, with tabs along the top, and cut-outs to loop necklaces through, enabling you to store them tidily and retrieve them easily when you arrive on your holiday. It has space for quite a few necklaces, depending on the type.

The Little Book of Earrings, and its baby sister, have pierced, padded pages, 4 for the large one and 2 for the small one, to accommodate up to 48 pairs of butterfly or hook earrings (12 for the baby). Perfectly designed to keep your pairs together, and free from tangles, these are a vital addition to your holiday luggage, if you like to take several pairs of earrings with you.


We hope you find them as handy as we do, and get lot of use out of them.

Send us a post card, won’t you!