So… Valentine’s Day

Ladies, would you like some red roses for Valentine’s Day, and perhaps some chocolates, and a lovely romantic meal? That’s what we’re supposed to want, isn’t it?

But what if you think that there’s just a bit too much hype around February 14th? And the fact that roses double in price for that day, and restaurants are booked months in advance, and chocolates make you fat puts you off, just a little…

Wouldn’t you rather have something a little less conventional, anyway?

And who says you even need to be in a relationship anyway, in order to get gifts on the 14th of February?

Gosh – a lot of questions, but here’s a great answer:

Here at Not a Jewellery Box, we have an un-Valentine’s Day sale. Yep, just for you. All your favourites, all those things you’ve looked at and wished you boyfriend would buy for you. Those!
We have 20% off everything, on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February, so you can treat yourselves, or a friend, or your mum, or your daughter, niece or god-daughter. Or you can buy it and tell your Dearly Beloved that he’s got it for you! Enter LOVEME at checkout to save 20% off EVERYTHING!

We know that our products are for girls, mostly, and that the people who buy them are also girls, mostly. It’s a bit of a generalisation, so we’ll say it quietly, but men aren’t imaginative enough to buy this kind of thing for us, mostly.

So we buy it for ourselves.

Come on in. You get to thumb your nose at the Valentine’s Marketing Industry, buy something you actually want, and get a bargain. What more does a girl need?