With an abrupt end to the summer, and the temperature dropping overnight, we’re feeling like autumn here at NAJB HQ.

It’s possible we have leaves on the brain, like leaves on the line but a lot more productive, and prettier too!

Our new favourite thing is the monstera leaf.


Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, the Monstera Deliciosa produces delicious fruit, hence the name, and fabulous leaves which are deeply cut, almost to the central vein. It’s a native of the rainforests of south Mexico, in case you were wondering, but that’s the end of the biology lesson.

We love the shape of it, and have adopted it, rather like we’ve adopted the flamingo, as a mascot. Every good workplace should have a mascot, no?

We thought it would be nice to give our customers a wider choice of hanging plaques, to personalise items, and have added a monstera leaf to our selection. New you can choose between two different shape hearts, a bird, a diamond, a feather, and the monstera leaf.


We’ve kind of sprinkled a little bit of the love around some of our other items as well – check out the sunglasses stand


and porcelain ring dish and are musing about what else we can do with it.


While we were thinking leaves, we got a little side tracked with wood in general. Have you seen our lovely acacia wood jewellery tree? Every single one is different, because of the beautiful grain of the wood.

Thinking about it, wood is one of our favourite materials, and the new ranges we’ve been designing lately are largely wooden, for instance the hair bow hanger.


And then there are the boxes. We love a treasure box (even though our name is NOT a Jewellery Box) and we have some beauties.

So there we are – happy Autumn everyone!