Recovering after the summer break…

Hey remember me? I’m back on blog writing duties after the summer break. The summer holidays have whizzed by and it seems 2019 has been the summer of the “Lie in”, my two have entered that teenage zone where sleep comes easy and waking up before lunch is a rare occurrence.

To be honest the summer holidays have always scared the crap out of me, juggling mother hood and working as a small business owner is a challenge. But it’s the guilt that gets me the most. It seems we are a generation that “entertain” our children. I spent my summers on my bike and thinking I had out witted my mum when she forgot to call me in. (Little did I know, she was relishing the peace and quiet).

Now that the summer holidays are over I feel invigorated to give NAJB my full attention. Well between the hours of 8.30 and 3 that is.

So here is a little run down of what I will be doing in September to get back in the groove.

  1. New, new, new – I am designing and hunting down new lines. Most of these won’t be available till late October.New Jewellery Stand coming soon to Not a Jewellery Box
  2. Snapping away – Its time my photography was updated. I am feeling a soft pink and natural material vibes. Think Macrame, wicker, bamboo and dried grasses.
  3. Back behind the keyboard – I would love to plan the blog posts for the remainder of the year. My goal is a new one each fortnight. (now there’s some accountability right there, now that is in black and white).
  4. Goal Setting – Goals are not something I have ever set before. My driving force is work life balance. So these goals wont be xxx turnover or xxx followers on Instagram. I am thinking more along the lines of getting back into yoga classes or reading at night. I couldn’t resist this “Make Shit Happen” wall planner from Doodle Love Designs
  5. Planning for the “C” – Its just too early to write that big ole scary word but I will be writing my shopping list and beginning to bulk buy. We have lots of new Christmas Decorations this year like our Australian collection featuring Koala Bears and Kangaroos. Click here to viewPersonalised Koala Christmas Decoration

Oh and there is one other little thing happening in September and it’s a big one. Its my 40thBirthday!

Whether September is a month of recovery for you or a month when you are firing on all cylinders, I hope that it is a good month for you with plenty of late summer sun and happy times.

With Love