Personalised “Lovely Things” Jewellery & Keepsake Box

Lovely Things Jewellery Box

Personalised “Lovely Things” Jewellery & Keepsake Box


Somewhere to keep your “Lovely Things” be that jewellery, momentos or photographs.

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Product Description

The interior of the box is unlined the wording on the lid can not be changed.

Available in wood only, with “Lovely Things” in grey.

You can add a name to the front of the box for a small charge; choose from letting in our range of lovely colours: Silver, Gold, Copper, Pink, Purple, Aqua, Green, Blue, Navy Blue, White or Black

Please note the longer the name the smaller the characters will become.

We can’t apply punctuation (for example “mummy’s” will come out as “mummys”, and “Lilly-Mae” will become “Lilly Mae”).

The box has a lift up lid which is held in place with a magnet in each corner of the box and lid.

The box is made from wood, which as a natural material will have variances such as grain pattern etc.

• Store your jewellery, tickets, cards and other “Lovely Things”
• Personalise the box with a name, word or date

Dimensions: H: 6cm W: 18cm D: 12cm


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