Monstera Leaf Jewellery Hanger

Monstera Leaf Jewellery Hanger

Monstera Leaf Jewellery Hanger


Our most favourite plant, we could not resist using its gorgeous form to create this design

The Monstera leaf is practically designed to be a jewellery hanger, at least, we thought so here at Not a Jewellery Box!

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This Monstera Leaf Jewellery Hanger is designed and made by hand.

It is made out of plywood, with a sturdy bracket on the back so that it will hang level, no matter what you loop through the fronds of the leaf. It’s ideal for storing your necklaces, bracelets and bangles, and even your watch.

A lovely gift, with personalisation available in the form of an elegant script cutout of a name in the uppermost part of the leaf.

You can choose to personalise with a name up to 12 characters long, and we will position it to fit within the shape of the fronds.

Monstera Leaf Jewellery Hanger

• Handmade from plywood
• Store necklaces, earring and watches
• Beautiful on trend design


H: 28cm from stem to tip of leaf W: 21cm across the widest point. D: 0.8cm

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