Mini Ring Dishes – Mums Collection

Mini Ring Dishes - Mums Collection

Mini Ring Dishes – Mums Collection


Let mum know that she is Number 1

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These Mini Ring Dishes – Mums Collection have a No 1 mum design. Choose the colour of your choice from our vinyl range to suit and also choose from a mini star or heart within the number one.

Simple and elegant, this white ceramic ring dish is perfect for keeping your rings and small treasures safe, when you’re washing up, or at bedtime. It has a lovely deep bowl, ensuring that your items don’t run away.

We have a great range of dishes which can be personalised with a name or date. A range perfect for thoughtful wedding and anniversary gift and a playful range for teenagers.

Each dish is presented surrounded in tissue paper, tucked into a branded kraft box. The colour of the branding and the tissue paper will vary.

Please be aware that the nature of the sticker means the dish is not dishwasher-proof.


• White ceramic ring dish
• Elegant, with a nice deep bowl
• Free gift wrap included


H: 2cm W: 8cm diameter

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