The Little Book of Necklaces

The Little Book of Necklace - Silver

The Little Book of Necklaces


This is so much more than necklace storage! A book that can hold your necklaces, keep them from being tangled, protect them in your suitcase, help you choose which one to wear, and even protect your jewellery from tarnishing and scratching.

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Product Description

Bound in a faux-leather cover with a sturdy press fastening, this book has four pages. Each page has tabs across the top to hold the chains of your necklaces apart from one another, and holes within the pages. These enable you to loop long necklaces around, or tie them, and hold pendants securely as well. It comes with an instruction booklet, to help you make the most of your Little Book.

The Little Book of Necklaces comes in a variety of rich colours – pink, purple, grey, gold, silver, teal, lilac, and all come with pale grey pages.

To make a perfect gift for a jewellery-lover, you can choose to personalise the book. We can supply you with a vinyl name, date or tiny message, which you can add where you wish. Click here for details.
We also supply the Little Book of Earrings, which can hold up to 48 pairs of stud or hook earrings, and the Little Little Book of Earrings, which is the baby sister – a travel book for your 12 favourite pairs.

• Leather-look necklace storage book
• Four pages, with space for several necklaces per page
• Versatile and compact, ideal for travel or use at home
• Seven lovely colours, with pale grey pages.
• Personalisation available

H: 28cm W: 18cm D: 6cm

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    “I’ve been looking for something along these lines for ages as an alternative to jewellery boxes with inadequate storage. Whilst it mostly works for me, many of my necklaces are chains so the pendant ends swing into each other. I think an alternative design with “pockets” to store the chains in would work even better. (I also bought the earring storage which is perfect).”

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