Jewellery Stand & Mirror


Jewellery Stand & Mirror


A jewellery tree with a mirror! yup this is the perfect dressing table item. Store your jewellery on the stand and make up in the dish.

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Product Description

Perfectly crafted to hang necklaces and bangles from the branches, and keep earrings and maybe your watch or make up safe in the dished base.

The mirror is double sided and spins over when turned. One side is 3 x magnification so ideal for applying make up.

On arrival the stand needs to be put together. The fixing (screw) is included. A cross head screwdriver would be ideal but I used a kitchen knife.

This item is always shipped in a box, making it ideal for a gift.

• Contemporary  jewellery storage tree
• Hanging hooks and dished base
• Double Mirror with 3 x magnification on one side

H:25cm L: 20cm W: 10cm


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