Gold Pineapple Jewellery Hook

Pineapple Jewellery Hooks

Gold Pineapple Jewellery Hook


Pinepples + Gold + Jewellery what a great mix

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Product Description

This gold pineapple jewellery hook has a section for earrings and one for hanging jewellery. There are 15 hooks in all that you can use for necklaces, bracelets and watches and there is also space for 15 pairs of earrings.

Hanging necklaces on hooks is also a great way to store them because it helps to prevent tangles.

Made from metal, and finished in gold, this item is very pretty in its own right.  It is lovely way to display your jewellery and we think this would also work well as a key hook.

We are happy to supply a decorated mirror plaque to enable you to personalise this as a gift.  We will make the name or word with a maximum of 7 characters in our Devon studio and provide it in a gift envelope ready to hang on the pineapple.

On arrival the hooks for hanging the jewellery may need to be gently eased out, which is very easy to do.

H: 37cm W: 20.5cm Depth of hook: 2cm

If you are as addicted to pineapples as we are then you will probably love this pineapple jewellery dish.

Interesting pineapple fact of the day – Did you know that a third of the worlds pineapple come from Hawaii!



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