Gold “Peace” Jewellery Dish

Gold “Peace” Jewellery Dish


Gold “Peace” Jewellery Dish ring holder in a dark blue ceramic dish. Perfect to keep beside your bed, or in the bathroom, or by the sink, to keep your precious rings safe. The dish can also hold a watch, or other small items.

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This gold “peace” jewellery dish is gold with a dark blue dish with a gold rim.  The dish is a safe place to put your jewellery and rings can be stored safely on the fingers.

Most commonly knows as the peace sign, historically the fingers forming a V was know as the victory sign. Depending on how you display this dish will show either a passive peaceful message ( hand facing towards you) or a more offensive gesture with the back of the hand showing.

For an extra special touch we can personalise this  gold peace jewellery dish for you.  Choose from our vibrant colour chart and we will add a name or word of your choice to the box.  The personalisation is handmade in our Devon studio and because of this we can make any name which really does create a special gift.  Our customers love the gold vinyl.

Gold “Peace” Jewellery Dish Feautres

Ring stand and dish
Dish ceramic, creature gold
Personalisation available


H: 10cm Dish: 10cm diameter

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