Earring Hanger by NAJB Designs – Large

large earring holder not a jewellery box

Earring Hanger by NAJB Designs – Large


Our BIGGEST earring holder yet! We designed this ourselves, and had it made in the UK from birchwood. Hand-finished by us, we’re delighted with the design, which stores up to 72 pairs of earrings.  Each style slots in so it is easy to store them.

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This earring hanger is BIG, I am really happy to launch this new design. You asked and we listened.

There are three rows of slots, each slot is 1cm apart for storing your earrings. There are 24 slots per row.  So 72 pairs of earrings can be stored. I designed this so that earrings can be stored without having to remove the back.  It really is simple and easy to use.  The bottom row is for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

There is plenty of depth, so your longer dangly earrings won’t get snagged on the row below. Also, we incorporated pads on the corners, to hold the hanger clear of the wall, ensuring your paintwork doesn’t get scratched.

This stylish earring display rack hangs from a leather thong, and is easily lifted from its hook to switch earrings around. And the thong comes in multiple colour choices – white, grey, pink, natural, brown and black, so you can be sure to find something to suit your style. We have used the natural in the photos.

Earring Hanger Features

• Birchwood earring storage hanger
• Holds up to 72 pairs, hook or butterfly (some larger studs may take up two parking spaces!)
• Plenty of depth, and hangs clear of the wall
• Hangs from leather thong in choice of colours


Height: 44cm Width: 32cm Depth 1cm The space between the row with slots will allow an 11cm long earring before it touches the next row.

For the smaller version of this hanger click here



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