Coral Jewellery Stand

coral jewellery stand

Coral Jewellery Stand


An elegant necklace stand, styled like a piece of pure white coral. Plenty of space for necklaces, on all the hooks and branches that form the shape, and it’s elegant enough to be a piece of artwork on its own!

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Product Description

This coral jewellery stand is perfect for a beach-themed room, or in a bathroom.
This piece of coral is actually made from polyresin, so won’t damage the natural reefs, and is more or less two-dimensional, with just a few small branches to the front and back.
Ideal for a gift, you can personalise this stand with the addition of a mirrored plaque with a name on.
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Jewellery Stand Features

• Elegant jewellery stand
• Natural appearance, with branches and hooks for necklaces
• White polyresin
• Personalisation available


H: 30cm W: 32cm. Base: 5cm deep
We have a great range of jewellery stands available in various colours, designs and heights. To shop the range click here


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