CLEARANCE Name Signs – Wood


CLEARANCE Name Signs – Wood

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Clearance items for sale, these have either been made for product photography, as design samples or mis-made.

The name and designs available are detailed in the drop down section.

To shop our clearance section with ease you can type the name you are looking for in the search bar (the magnifying glass, top right of your screen)

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Product Description

These clearance name Signs are available in a huge variety of designs.

They can be secured with sticky pads to a door or a wall. They are lightweight so Blu Tac or something similar could also be used.

We have seen some great photos that customers have shared on Social Media.  Customers have used these name sign on doors, toy boxes, above beds, on selfies and on walls.

Name Sign Designs and Dimesions

Wood Cloud: H: 8cm W: 14cm

Balloon: H:20cm W: 14cm D: 3m

Bear: H:16cm W: 14cm D: 3m

Bunny: H:17cm W: 9.5cm D: 3mm

Large Cloud: H: 10cm W: 17.5cm D: 3mm

Heart: H:13cm W: 14cm D: 3mm

Penguin: H:12cm W: 15cm D: 3mm

Rocket: H:15cm W: 11cm D: 3mm

SuperHero: H:15cm W: 10cm D: 3mm

Star: H:14cm W: 14cm D: 3mm

Teepee: H:17.5cm W: 13cm D: 3mm

Unicorn: H:13cm W: 912cm D: 3mm

(Milly, Eva, Robin, Gracie, Eden, Delilah, Kiki, Lily, Sascha, Alfie, Elise, Grace, Indianna, Lette, McKinley, Arlo, Gracey, Daisy, Ebenezer, William, Olivia, Ella, Aiden)

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