Podcasts for Creatives – My Top Three

Guess who is a little late to the Podcast party? Yup that would be me! and just wow. I had no idea there were so many podcasts for creatives.

Working on your own as a creative can be pretty isolated. Yes I have my kiddies and my mama time but whilst they are at school some days it is just me and the dog.  Somedays the only other person I talk to is the postie!

Because I am my own boss (which is bloody brilliant) it means that I am my own motivator and accountable only to me.  And lets face it, some days you just need a kick up the arse to get those creative juices flowing or a new way of doing things. For me Podcasts for creatives are the answer, here are some of my favs for you to listen too.

Podcasts for creatives - One Girl Band

One Girl Band

Lola has a particularly practical style, her podcasts are short and sweet and full of those things we need to hear. She is all about working smart and not being a busy fool. She is also a huge advocate of creative girls doing it their own way. Check out podcast 43 with Kate Ferris (who by the way has a podcast called Grow with Soul which is my 4th favourite.  https://www.onegirlband.co.uk/podcast/

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.27.15

Me and Orla

Sara’s Instagram is full of beautiful images.  She takes creativity to the next                                       level.  Her podcast tends to be in the style of an interview with a guest. My particular favourite is with Bookish Bronte – Podcast 42.  https://meandorla.co.uk/category/podcast/ Sara has an honest and authentic approach. She is not afraid to tackle tricky issues and open dialogue.

Raw Milk

Beth Kirby is about as real as you can get, with her checkered background and frank words her podcast is noteworthy, informative and frank. Go and listen to Podcast 002 if you are as obsessed with Instagram (as I am…). Its all about organic growth and above all, it is about not getting caught up in the numbers game. https://bethkirby.com/rawmilk/page/2/

I hope you enjoy exploring these podcasts. If you have any podcast tips then please pop a comment on here or DM me over on Instagram.