Ok, so its not jewellery storage… But Hey! They look Good!

Here at NAJB HQ, we’re very pleased with our new range of name plaques for doors.  You may recognise some of them from our Hair Bow Holders.

We know that every child is different and had spotted that many businesses selling name labels have simple pink-or-blue variation. Is your child a cookie-cutter pink girl, or blue boy? Nope, I didn’t think so!

Plus, there are so many beautiful and unique names being given to children these days. Any parent of a child with a slightly unusual spelling, or a tailor-made name, will be very used to having to tell them ‘no dear, I’m afraid they don’t have your name on the stand’.

So, as is our way here at NAJB, we’ve come up with our own solution.

These door signs are handmade in the UK, and come in wood or monochrome acrylic finishes, personalised with any name of your choosing (up to 12 characters). They can be stuck with blue-tac or sticky pads, so can be moved easily if necessary.

The images are not gender specific, so your child can choose between our penguin, rocket, bear, tepee, star, heart, cloud, super-hero mask, unicorn or bunny. There’s got to be something there that fits – we’re sure about that!

We’ve used a fun hand-writing-style font, and holes will appear in letters such as Q and R, as well as many others, which makes them very much a fun accessory. Please note that they’re not toys though.

We know that there are some very creative people out there buying our storage solutions – you could allow your child to personalise the name label even further, with paint, stickers, or colourful sharpies. Wouldn’t that make a lovely house-warming gift for a friend, or a new baby gift from bigger siblings or cousins!

By the way, the name signs will be delivered on card printed with a cool ‘adventure’ poster, because plain white would be boring, and we don’t do boring here.