November – Surviving Christmas as a small business

najb-chirstmas-baubleIn the run up to Christmas, it’s a known fact that the days get shorter and the lists get longer, the children get more highly strung, and the diet goes out of the window.

But when you’re running a small business, which has a peak in the run up to Christmas, then times that by about 5!

So then, here are my handy hints for surviving Christmas as a small business – which work just as well if you don’t have a business.

  • Make sure you get some ‘me time’ every week. Go for a manicure, go for coffee with a friend, get a babysitter and go on an actual date with your other half. This will help you stay sane. It may not feel like it when you’re trying to rush through things before your appointment, but it will help!
  • Make the kids’ packed lunch sandwiches in a batch, and freeze them. Truly, buttering and filling 5 or 10 days of sandwiches and cling-filming them takes less time than doing it every day – think of all that fetching stuff out of the fridge and putting it back again…. Plus you don’t have to wonder if you’ve got fresh bread, or there’s enough spread / ham / cheese / jam / etc.
  • Get a cleaner. And remember that you don’t have to clean up before they arrive. They will have seen worse houses than yours. Having a cleaner means you escape the cleaning, and the guilt for not cleaning, and you can be proud of your home when guests arrive. It’s a win!
  • Order your groceries online and have them delivered.   That way you don’t need to spend an hour or two fighting round your local supermarket with everyone else. You can keep a running order online, add things in when you remember them, and have everything delivered at your convenience. Especially great if the weather turns nasty.
  • Smile nicely at Father Christmas and ask him pretty please to get the stocking-filler-buying done early. If you (ask him) to gather presents a couple at a time during the whole year (and that IS organized) then you don’t have a mad rush at the last minute. I know someone who did that, then left all the gifts at home when she went to her parents’ for Christmas, and was very cross with herself as she had to do the whole lot again, on the 24th! Don’t be like that.
  • And finally, buy gifts in advance. Scoop them up well before the end of December, and then you can relax a little bit. Don’t wrap them up yet though, as there’s a chance you’ll not remember what it is you have stashed in the wardrobe, but the time Christmas comes round, and double up.

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Make a list, get a bunch of things delivered now – and save money! Make sure you put some things on the list for yourself, won’t you…