Love UK Handmade

So, just in case I wasn’t busy enough here at NAJB HQ, I’ve kind of invented a new thing… it’s called Love UK Handmade, and it began as an Instagram page, for all things handmade in the UK, with a focus on pretty, fun, and lovely, of course! (

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We have all kinds of items featured there, from giant knitting, to jewellery, to baby things, and plant pots, and the good people of Instagram seem to like it almost as much as I do! There are 17,700 followers at the moment, which is exciting, and it’s growing all the time. Our hashtag is #lukh, so if you make the kind of thing that we like there, then please do hashtag us, and we’ll find you and feature you.

Since that was going so well, I started a website to go alongside it, explaining the ethos, and more about how to get involved.


We have an exciting new project, where we’re inviting people to take over the LUKH Instagram page for seven days. They get to introduce themselves, and the things that they make, as well as sharing some other things that they love. If you’re a maker, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your products to an audience of thousands.

Our first Takeover was by Lauren Aston, who does giant knitting. She’s on Instagram @laurenastondesigns, and you can see her wonderful giant knitted items. From cushions and blankets to knitwear and Christmas pieces, she knits with needles as thick as your wrist, and yarn that looks more like rope sometimes, though is soft and tactile, and so cosy you want to hibernate in it. We were delighted that she took over the Instagram page, and so was she!

Out second takeover is by an old friend of NAJB, Mica Peet. Mica is on Instagram @MicaPeet, and creates jewellery and print, and has been filling the page with her favourites, and some designs of her own. Her new range of tropical-inspired designs make us want to hop on a plane to somewhere very hot, though we might have to make do with the Eden project for the moment…

If you’re interested in taking over the page, then please sign up for the newsletter at, to find out more.

Do follow us, and hang around to see what new treasures we uncover – and tag your items #LUKH if you connect with our ethos. We’d love to have you on board!