Our love of UK handmade Jewellery

Do you ever see something online, or when you’re out and about, and say ‘hmmm, I want that’, or ‘hmmm, I could do things with that’.

Well, my most recent ‘hmmm’ moment has resulted in a very happy collaboration with jewellery designer Mica Peet.

Mica is based in Southsea in Hampshire, and designs items such as earrings, brooches and necklaces. She begins by sketching a design, often wild-life, or geometric patterns, which she scans onto her computer. Then she’ll edit the colours, and replicate it many times over, before printing onto a large sheet.

On this intricate, multi-coloured background, she will then use a laser cutter to make the pendants, earrings, or whatever. Because of the repeating nature of the background pattern, and tessellating the cut-outs to fit as many onto the sheet as she can, every single one is different!


Colourful, unique, and wonderfully quirky, I fell in love with Mica’s style, and the thought of some kind of collaboration began to take shape.

Mica and I will be using each other’s products in our online product photographs, making my jewellery storage solutions more exciting with her intricate jewellery pieces to show them off – and hopefully vice versa.

You can see more of Mica’s pieces at her website www.micapeet.com

Having someone creative in a related field to collaborate with is such a cool way to work. I get inspired by Mica’s work, and am already considering what else we could do together, and whether any other collaborations could benefit my business and that of the other person.

If any other jewellery makers or other businesses whose products could tie in nicely with mine are interested in a collaboration, then drop me a line with some pictures, and we can bounce some ideas around.
I look forward to hearing from you!