Ideas to store your jewellery

I’ve been really getting in the mood of Spring Cleaning recently. You may have seen the March blog about re-purposing jewellery. This one is Part 2 of my Spring Cleaning binge.

Part of why I like having a really good tidy-out is putting everything back into the cupboard neatly afterwards. There’s something very satisfying about a perfectly organised space. Using boxes, or hanging pockets to keep things in line is a great way of making sure that you can find what you need, and stuff doesn’t turn into a muddle again.

Of course, I would say that, being someone who sells storage solutions…

Choosing the right storage for your things is important. If you have more earrings than you can keep track of, hanging them is a great way to keep them in pairs, and un-tangled.


Using a hanging tree or wall-hanger for necklaces also keeps them in straight lines. Makes sure you choose one that fits your necklaces, though. Some of my range has big chunky hooks, and others are more delicate.


If you have more rings than you can really get away with wearing all at once, you might need a multi-branch ring holder. If you only wear the same three rings every single day, one of our cats or birds, or cute elephants is perfect.


Sometimes a box is just right – despite the name, I do know that boxes have their place. A Man-box, is great for all those things that men keep in their pockets, or to store a collection of watches, or cufflinks. And if your collection includes lots of bangles or bracelets, maybe a box is just right.


Happy Spring Cleaning everyone – and if you need something to keep your jewellery in line, you know where to find it!

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