Ideas for Jewellery Storage

Making the most of your jewellery is easy if you have lots jewellery storage ideas.  If you have your clothes in one huge pile on the floor it makes it pretty hard to choose your outfit. Its the same with jewellery storage. We love a good jewellery box but sometimes they don’t make it easy to choose what jewellery to wear.

Part of why I like having a really good tidy-out is putting everything back into the cupboard neatly afterwards. There’s something very satisfying about a perfectly organised space. Using boxes, or hanging pockets to keep things in line is a great way of making sure that you can find what you need, and stuff doesn’t turn into a muddle again.

Of course, I would say that, being someone who sells storage solutions…

Earring Storage

Choosing the right storage for your jewellery is important. If you have more earrings than you can keep track of, hanging them is a great way to keep them in pairs, and un-tangled.  Our full range of earring storage solutions can be found here.  NAJB-earring-hanger-main-NEW-closeThe great thing about The NAJB Earring Hanger is that the earrings are stored in slots. There is no need to take the back of a stud or post earring, feed it though a hole and then put the back on. All you need to do is create a gap between the back of the earring and the butterfly and then slot the earring into place.


If you prefer your jewellery storage to be more discreet then the Little Book of Earrings is for you. The earring book stores stud earrings, hook earrings and hoops. Each plittle_book_of_earrings_pink_openage is padded to ensure that your earrings are protected.

The standard size holds up to 48 pairs of earrings and there i
s the travel size stores 12 pairs of earrings so great if you are going on holiday.



Jewellery Hangers

large-jewellery-hooks-personalised-white-lifestyle-03.18Jewellery hangers are a great way to store necklaces. A jewellery hangers displays your jewellery in a nice line and keeps those chains and beads from getting tangled. Where you put your jewellery hanger is up to you.  Do you want to create a cool feature of your jewellery and hang the jewellery hanger or your wall. Or you may prefer to install it on the inside of your wardrobe door or the back of your bedroom door.







Some jewellery organisers like this copper one have a bit of space for everything. Hooks for storing necklaces, bangles and bracelets.  And an area for earrings.  You can probably store your watch too.  This jewellery organiser comes in cream or copper. It is metal and you could always get creative and spray paint it!


Ring Storage

I have ring dishes all over the house. I am one of those people that find that some of my rings get a bit tighter as the day goes on or I need to take my rings off to do some making.  They are also great for other little things like my ear pods, coins and stray bits of lego I collect around the house!

Mini Ring Dish - Signature Collection Mini Ring Dish - Signature Collection

Jewellery Box

Sometimes a box is just right – despite the business name – Not a Jewellery Box, I do know that boxes have their place.  My Jewellery Box is where I keep my precious jewellery, things that have been handed down through the family and my precious metal jewellery that I don’t wear everyday.


We are able to personalise some of our jewellery boxes and have both large and small ones. This one has lots of internal sections which make it easy to organise your jewellery collection.

A Man-box, is great for all those things that men keep in their pockets, or to store a collection of watches, or cufflinks.







Happy jewellery organising!

I have been really getting in the mood of spring cleaning recently. You may have seen the March blog about re-purposing jewellery. This one is Part 2 of my Spring Cleaning binge.