Hocus Pocus, It’s Halloween!

Deathly Decorations, Creepy Costumes and Gory Goodies….

If you’re a bit like me and can’t resist a good opportunity to IMG_8840dress up then now is the time to channel your inner vampire and get your creep on! Halloween 2017 is upon us and we’re here to help you make the most of it with a few of our own little touches, plus a little inspiration from our fellow Small Business friends online.

Here is my daughter and I having practised our make up… what do you think a bit scary for a kids party?

What’s Halloween without pumpkin carving and gaudy lanterns? Here at NAJB HQ we’re surrounded by kiddies and therefore like to go for a slightly safer alternative to lit candles…

We created these fabulous Kilner lanterns out of bits found dotted around the house, so ideal if your party budget is going on feeding the 5000! NAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-9

All you will need is an empty clean jar- we had these Kilner ones sat around from a botched jam making sesh but any size jam jar will be suffice. Then all we did was pop in some battery operated lights- available from almost anywhere nowadays but we got these from Hobbycraft for £2.NAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-10

Then just decorate the jars with any creepy stickers you can get your hands on. We’re fortunate enough to have a machine to make the bat vinyls we used but Poundland have an awesome sticker range or I can bet your bottom dollar that the kiddies will already have some stashed somewhere!

Seeing as we seem to live in such a throw away culture now, another option we’ve gone for is homemade bunting. Sounds snazzy but in reality it’s just a few bat and ghost shapes cut out of paper and stuck on to a long piece of string or wool. Voilá!

If you’re a bit like us and have fallen victim to the whole Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 18.24.21minimalist-Scandi-neutral home decor vibe then what about spray painting your pumpkins a different colour to match your room? Ugly orange pumpkins or striped back and white ones which you can totally convince the kids is just like Beetlejuice?? Little monkeys can be happy whilst your interior OCD balance is restored, ahhhhhhh.

We were totally crushing over this image from Love Give Ink on Instagram.

Now lets be real here- Getting the kids to finally settle on what costume they want, making sure they’re fully equipped with sweet buckets, fangs and enough fake blood to rival an episode of The Walking Dead, us parents are probably trying to think of the quickest and least stressful way to make ones self as less wally-ish as possible. Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up, but usually on an occasion where alcohol can be involved and I’m more than likely to forget the night entirely.


See, who said Halloween had to be completely horrific after all…

If you cant get your kids to drink random green liquids at Halloween, then honestly, when can you? Pass off a healthy green smoothy as ‘drinkable’ slime and I promise you’ll have them filling up on their 5 A Day in no time at all. Mwhahaha!!!!

To be honest you can make a smoothie with whatever fruit and veg you like but if you throw in a good handful of spinach its certain to go green and its taste is completely undetectable.

Heres an idea we love that tastes super fresh

NAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-41 banana, sliceNAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-2

150g (5 oz) green grapes

1 (200g) tub vanilla yoghurt

1/2 apple, cored and chopped

50g (2 oz) fresh spinach leaves

Or why not try an all berry alternative… “Mmmmmm blended body soup anyone??” (Gross).

150g (5 oz) blueberriesNAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-7NAJB-Halloween-kilner-jars-diy-8

2 apples – peeled, cored & chopped

200g (7 oz) raspberries

100g (4 oz) seedless grapes

3 tablespoons caster sugar

1 tray ice cubes

Both of these recipes will make enough for 2-4 people so just adjust the quantities accordingly

We would love to see if you try any of these ideas, so make sure you tag us in your creations via your preferred social media platform using #NAJB

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Happy Haunting!