Hello January 2018! A fresh year, a fresh start…

I thought I would start the Blog for 2018 with a little bit about me…IMG_8767

Living that Devon life I’m all about keeping myself grounded with the kids and their general school day-to-day routines, taking Coco out for walks along our beautiful English Riviera, and cracking on growing and developing Not A Jewellery Box.

Being a single Mama with my own business to run and a lot to do each day, military precision is needed along with a good quality coffee machine!

Here is a general day in my shoes now the crazy Christmas period has finally ended…

6.50am – Alarm goes off and dress in either Yoga or Running gear or if I am lucky a surf.

7:00am – Morning admin, printing orders and planning the day ahead. My children are 9 and 12 now so they’re pretty independent whilst getting themselves ready for school whilst I sort out cereal and juice down in the kitchen

8:00am – Jump in the car ready for the school run (every parents favourite time of the day… not) Then afterwards it’s off to the beach to stretch CoCo (the dog) legs and breathe in that sea air, or we’ll go for a good run through the woods – did my first 10k yesterday!! IMG_7944

9:00am – Head back home for a shower and make myself look a little more presentable for the day. CoCo tends to chill on the sofa!

10:00am – 2.30pm- Time to put my #BossMama hat on and get to work personalising orders and packing up everything ready to post. Then it’s time to hand them all over to the Postie when they arrive in the afternoon. Being a small business run from home my job involves literally everything – customising stock, warehousing, marketing, you name it, I do it… so then its time to get on the NAJB site to update new items or mark anything now out of stock. I also respond to any customer queries via email and then head on upstairs to my own little studio to photograph new products.

2:30pm – 4:00pm- Back to doing the school runs. Absolute hell on earth as one finishes at 2:50pm and the other at 3:30pm so lots of hanging around. God bless Instagram and its wonderful time wasting abilities plus a cheeky singalong to Snow by Angus & Julia Stone, so good – even my staff have downloaded their album after me playing it on repeat in the kitchen!IMG_8641

4:00pm – 6:00pm – Family time, finally! The usual lovely stuff here of seeing how each others day went, help with homework etc then it’s tea time. The kids are complete opposites in what they like so this is always a lovely one to plan out (sarcasm much?!)

6:00pm – 9:00pm- All the chilled out goodness of catching up on The Walking Dead or just having a browse online of what local gigs are coming up soon. Maybe even a local Yoga class if I’ve got time


9:00pm – Sounds a bit boring but a new rule for me is no screen time after 9pm. So that’s no iPhones, laptops or TV’s. My quality of sleep is so much better for this and also its been a perfect excuse to get myself stuck into a good book.

Talking of books any recommendations?