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In the Hot Seat with Hard To Find

I was recently asked by one of the sites that I partner with in Australia to jump in to the hot seat and share a little bit about Not a Jewellery Box Here we go… I’m known on hardtofind for my…cool ways to store jewellery and personalised gifts such as bedroom door signs for little people. Right now I’m inspired by…Pinks and beautiful flowers.  I would never have thought I .
Tailwind Tribe Setting up my first tribe by Not a Jewellery Box

Tailwind Tribe – My experience of setting up my first tribe.

This month I have been getting all Tribal, I signed up to Tailwind last year and started to use it for scheduling to Pinterest. It was really only this year that I started to explore the other features that Tailwind has to offer. I absolutely L O V E Pinterest.  For many reasons, it is my goto for inspiration whether I want to organise the kitchen cupboard or I .
NAJB - Photo Session - Set up

Super Easy Photography Guide By Not a Jewellery Box

Disclaimer! I am not a trained photographer… I don’t know the technical terms and I am winging it.       So why should you take your own photos? It speeds everything up, you can have a product live quickly Its cost effective You can develop your own style The more images you have the easier you will find social media and creating content like blogs. What I use .