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Surviving the summer holidays as a work from home mum

As a work from home mum summer holidays always fill me with mixed emotions and I wonder how I will survive.  Ok so survival is a bit drastic I am all for no school run but two child size distractions can make working form home a challenge. I am lucky that my business’ peak time is Christmas and Mother’s Day so summer is my quieter time. I always find that September .
older boys bedroom makeover

Older Boys Bedroom Makeover

The day had arrived when my son’s bedroom needed a makeover. He is 10 years and and prefers a floor covered in lego to a nice rug. I really struggled to find some inspo for an older boys bedroom makeover, so I decided to write this blog. I made the school girl error of asking him for his colour choice… grey walls and green everywhere else! No that was .

IFF – Insta Friends Forever

We’ve been using Social Media for NAJB for a few years now and not only is it a powerful tool for any small business in 2018 but the community is one that makes you feel loved, inspired and part of a bigger team, which is amazing when you’re a bit of a one man band working out of your garage at home. We are very lucky that we have .

NAJB’s Most Recent Fun Buys!

We just love the community we have found ourself in within Instagram and have discovered so many fabulous pieces from the most talented people across the world. When you buy a product from a small business you’re buying all the love, time and effort that went into it. And we know exactly how warm and fuzzy it feels each time we receive an order ourselves. Even a comment, share .