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Tailwind Tribe Setting up my first tribe by Not a Jewellery Box

Tailwind Tribe – My experience of setting up my first tribe.

This month I have been getting all Tribal, I signed up to Tailwind last year and started to use it for scheduling to Pinterest. It was really only this year that I started to explore the other features that Tailwind has to offer. I absolutely L O V E Pinterest.  For many reasons, it is my goto for inspiration whether I want to organise the kitchen cupboard or I .
NAJB - Photo Session - Set up

Super Easy Photography Guide By Not a Jewellery Box

Disclaimer! I am not a trained photographer… I don’t know the technical terms and I am winging it.       So why should you take your own photos? It speeds everything up, you can have a product live quickly Its cost effective You can develop your own style The more images you have the easier you will find social media and creating content like blogs. What I use .