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Tailwind Tribe Setting up my first tribe by Not a Jewellery Box

Tailwind Tribe – My experience of setting up my first tribe.

This month I have been getting all Tribal, I signed up to Tailwind last year and started to use it for scheduling to Pinterest. It was really only this year that I started to explore the other features that Tailwind has to offer. I absolutely L O V E Pinterest.  For many reasons, it is my goto for inspiration whether I want to organise the kitchen cupboard or I .

Hello January 2018! A fresh year, a fresh start…

I thought I would start the Blog for 2018 with a little bit about me… Living that Devon life I’m all about keeping myself grounded with the kids and their general school day-to-day routines, taking Coco out for walks along our beautiful English Riviera, and cracking on growing and developing Not A Jewellery Box. Being a single Mama with my own business to run and a lot to do .
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Love UK Handmade

So, just in case I wasn’t busy enough here at NAJB HQ, I’ve kind of invented a new thing… it’s called Love UK Handmade, and it began as an Instagram page, for all things handmade in the UK, with a focus on pretty, fun, and lovely, of course! ( We have all kinds of items featured there, from giant knitting, to jewellery, to baby things, and plant pots, and .