Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands working together can be a powerful thing. Since launching NAJB Kids as a side hustle to Not a Jewellery Box I have been immersed in a world of beautifully dressed babies and nursery interiors that are quite simply stunning. When I had Keeley in 2005 I had a choice of Mothercare or Mama & Papas! Now there is a huge array of small brands making gorgeous items. I .
NAJB - Photo Session - Set up

Super Easy Photography Guide By Not a Jewellery Box

Disclaimer! I am not a trained photographer… I don’t know the technical terms and I am winging it.       So why should you take your own photos? It speeds everything up, you can have a product live quickly Its cost effective You can develop your own style The more images you have the easier you will find social media and creating content like blogs. What I use .
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7 Ways to use a door sign other than on a door.

When the door sign range was first launched I thought they worked well on doors, well obviously. I also loved them as art on the wall and as part of a nice shelfie. Well you guys had some other ideas on how to use them and I must say they are pretty cool. Door Signs as Birth Announcement Photos Hasn’t the gender reveal and pregnancy announcement game been upped? I have .
Brickman name tag

An interview with NAJB kids

A little earlier this year the Amie from The Unruly Ones asked me to take part in their Blog.  She sent over a fun set of questions and I though for this weeks blog I would share the feature here.  Amie as an instagram page that you can find here and you can read her blog here Wondering what special gift to get for a friend or family’s mini? or .