Black Friday Love it or Hate it by Not a Jewellery Box

Black Friday Love it or Hate it, it seems it is here to stay. Black Friday hit the UK in 2016, typically Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, a holiday not celebrated in the UK. Do you remember the chaos of 2015? People charging through shopping centre doors and literally fighting! It was an eye opening day that didn’t bring out the best of humanity.  Now we all like a bargain and to save some pennies but what is the cost of Black Friday for small creative business and what is the reality of the day like behind the scenes.

I will refer to 2015 as year one, now year one was heart racing and fun! Not on the Highstreet decided quite last minute to run a Black Friday event.  I took a gamble and sold a product at 20% off.  It was a crazy fun packed day with me sat on the floor surrounded by paper and totally amazed.  Needless to say I liked it. Sales were good and there was a halo effect where products that weren’t discounted sold well too. 

Now fast forward to 2017 and Black Friday is now not just about the Friday at all, it has become Black Friday Week, and starts way before Black Friday and runs for ages!  Is this a good thing?  Well in a way yes, as it takes away that panic buying craziness but for small business like Not a Jewellery Box it is not so great. 

November and December is my peak time of year and a time when the months and months of hard work come together and I get busy making and packing orders.  I don’t make a huge profit margin on my range and my stock room (aka the garage) is a normal size garage, there is only so much stock I can fit in.

What I noticed in 2016 and 2017 is that people held off buying until after Black Friday.  That basically condensed a 6 week trading window into a four week trading window.  Now that resulted in some long ole days when you are personalising and making things to order. 

I want to participate in Black Friday but my Black Friday sale will start on the actual day which this year is on the 21st of November and it will run for the one day. 

Black Friday Deals

And guess what… I am going to tell you now what will be on offer that day!

NAJB Door Signs will be 3 for 2 – Click Here to shop

Black Friday Love it or Hate it

There will be free personalisation on the Little Book of Earrings Range – Click Here to shop

Black Friday Love it or Hate it

25% off Mini Ring Dishes – Click Here to shop

Black Friday Love it or Hate it

So Black Friday love it or hate it I hope you have a great Friday! Happy Shopping!