Back to School

In this house, we tend to start the new term full of resolutions for keeping tidy, having a good routine after school, making packed lunches the night before, getting homework done when it’s set, not at the last minute. It’s a bit like the first of January really.

How about you?

You know, and we know that making a tidy bedroom helps with getting homework and music practice done, because there’s actually space to work in – when you can see the desk, that’s a good start!

TELLING your child to be tidy is all very well, but if you give them the tools, that will make it easier, and, dare we say it, actually FUN!

If your daughter has long hair, then something that will help her keep her hair things tidy is a great place to start. A fun storage idea, that will appeal to her, and make her want to use it.


We have a lovely selection of hair bow hangers, which can be personalised, and have multiple ribbons attached, for clips. We have balloons, bears, unicorns, clouds and several others. What will appeal to your girl(s) do you think?

The Big One - Hair Bow Holder

You could use them for badges or pins as well, if your child has a collection of lapel pins.

Of course, we also have lots of pretty boxes. Who doesn’t love a pretty box? You could easily use a personalised box for storing all those small items of ‘treasure’ that children seem to collect – how about one of our treasure boxes, like the tropical leaf design

Wooden Jewellery Box with Tropical Leaf Print

Of course, if your child is truly a messy person, then you may need more substantial solutions.

Over on Love UK Handmade, you will find friends who make storage solutions (as well as every other thing you could possible want in your home to make it beautiful). There are pencil cases ( , storage bags / baskets (, kit bags ( and more stuff that will keep you browsing for quite some time. You may forget what you were looking for – sorry about that!

Everything on Love UK Handmade is made by hand, here in the UK, by people like us here at NAJB. If you like to support small producers, then it’s THE place to shop.

Thanks – and good luck with the new term!