Back to School

Never ever have I been so excited about the new term, it would have been 24 long weeks since my last school run. (something that I never thought I would miss!).

My day to day life hasn’t changed all that much as I work from home but I feel like I have been constantly nagging my children.  I have been fire fighting each day and it is only this weekend that I have realised how much I have neglected my little business.

I am one for routine, I bloody love it, I like to have a list and I like to get that list ticked, ticked and ticked again! So I am back… I have ideas for new products, I want to take some photos and its safe to say the website needs some TLC and as of the 8th of September I have 6 whole hours a day to myself, oh and I have a new workspace thanks to the kitchen reno

This is my letter to myself to take things one step at a time and start the ball rolling again.

Not a Jewellery Box Workspace