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Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands Working Together

Small Brands working together can be a powerful thing. Since launching NAJB Kids as a side hustle to Not a Jewellery Box I have been immersed in a world of beautifully dressed babies and nursery interiors that are quite simply stunning. When I had Keeley in 2005 I had a choice of Mothercare or Mama & Papas! Now there is a huge array of small brands making gorgeous items. I .
Black Friday

Black Friday Love it or Hate it by Not a Jewellery Box

Black Friday Love it or Hate it, it seems it is here to stay. Black Friday hit the UK in 2016, typically Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, a holiday not celebrated in the UK. Do you remember the chaos of 2015? People charging through shopping centre doors and literally fighting! It was an eye opening day that didn’t bring out the best of humanity.  Now we all .
NAJB - Photo Session - Set up

Super Easy Photography Guide By Not a Jewellery Box

Disclaimer! I am not a trained photographer… I don’t know the technical terms and I am winging it.       So why should you take your own photos? It speeds everything up, you can have a product live quickly Its cost effective You can develop your own style The more images you have the easier you will find social media and creating content like blogs. What I use .
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7 Ways to use a door sign other than on a door.

When the door sign range was first launched I thought they worked well on doors, well obviously. I also loved them as art on the wall and as part of a nice shelfie. Well you guys had some other ideas on how to use them and I must say they are pretty cool. Door Signs as Birth Announcement Photos Hasn’t the gender reveal and pregnancy announcement game been upped? I have .