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Monstera Leaf Personalised Jewellery Box

Upcycle Your Jewellery Box

Looking out of the window, it might actually be spring soon. Perhaps… maybe… So I’ve started thinking about Spring Cleaning. I like to have a tidy up every now and then, going through clothes, books, kitchen cupboards and the rest, clearing out the things that are out of date, not worn, not read, not needed. Some of it goes in the bin, obviously, but some things are still good .

So… Valentine’s Day

Ladies, would you like some red roses for Valentine’s Day, and perhaps some chocolates, and a lovely romantic meal? That’s what we’re supposed to want, isn’t it? But what if you think that there’s just a bit too much hype around February 14th? And the fact that roses double in price for that day, and restaurants are booked months in advance, and chocolates make you fat puts you off, .

Bring it on 2017…

We had a fabulous Christmas, flying out to America the day after my mum went over, to spend Christmas with my brother and his family. We did that airport pickup surprise thing, which was just as good as it looks in the movies! For New Year I’m trying to be good and do yoga regularly. I’ve been mining the internet for information, and am blown away by how much .

Our love of UK handmade Jewellery

Do you ever see something online, or when you’re out and about, and say ‘hmmm, I want that’, or ‘hmmm, I could do things with that’. Well, my most recent ‘hmmm’ moment has resulted in a very happy collaboration with jewellery designer Mica Peet. Mica is based in Southsea in Hampshire, and designs items such as earrings, brooches and necklaces. She begins by sketching a design, often wild-life, or .


With an abrupt end to the summer, and the temperature dropping overnight, we’re feeling like autumn here at NAJB HQ. It’s possible we have leaves on the brain, like leaves on the line but a lot more productive, and prettier too! Our new favourite thing is the monstera leaf. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, the Monstera Deliciosa produces delicious fruit, hence the name, and fabulous leaves which .

Insta Crushes

My guilty pleasure at the moment has to be Instagram. Our feed @notajewellerybox is full of colour and fun photos of our range, and I love seeing what other UK Small Business’es are up to… What fun is a crush if you don’t share it, so here are a few of mine…. @xoxostationery – Oh I love a list! @bear_claw_co – I’m not sure if I lust after the .

Pineapples, Flamingos and Cacti

I would have never described myself as a “Pink” kind of girl. But something has changed this year as I have fallen in love with all things pink and bright. It would seem that 2016 is the year of the Pineapple, the Flamingo and the Cactus. Our Flamingo jewellery dishes have been a popular seller this summer, the little dishes are perfect for storing your rings. We have a .