An interview with NAJB kids

A little earlier this year the Amie from The Unruly Ones asked me to take part in their Blog.  She sent over a fun set of questions and I though for this weeks blog I would share the feature here.  Amie as an instagram page that you can find here and you can read her blog here
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Wondering what special gift to get for a friend or family’s mini? or maybe for your own.  Something thoughtful that won’t break the bank, how about a personalised door sign from Not A Jewellery Box, handmade in Devon by a wonderful lady who’s kindly been a great sport in answering some unusual questions, and very kindly giving us a discount code.

Hi Emma, Thank you for popping over for a little chat and a bombardment of questions.  I’m loving Joshua’s door sign and it’s perfect as at the moment on his back I call him my little turtle, with his little arms and legs in the air, haha, thank you so much.  You have some really fun and sweet designs as well as other cool goodies on your site, I’d love to learn more about Not a jewellery box and the woman behind it.

For those who haven’t discovered you yet, can you tell us a little about how not a jewellery box was born?

NAJB was born from a passion for jewellery. BUT finding that I ran out of time to rummage through a box and find what I wanted to wear, so I wore the same thing day after day. NAJB is all about making the most of your jewellery and finding alternative storage ideas that make it easy to style yourself each day.

I enjoyed looking through all the different signs and hangers (for us ladies), I love the variety of shapes you can chose from how did you come up with the concept the wooden signs?

The wooden signs were born from the Hair Bow hangers. Because they were personalised it made sense to offer them as individual pieces with out the ribbon.

Do you have favourite children’s sign?

Yes – it has to be the new sleepy fox. He is so cute with his sleepy eyes.

How do you decide what shapes to add or phrases to use?

Really it is down to what I see as being a popular item for a while now Llamas have been popular and Sloths seem to be making a stand with their popularity. Of course I am always open to suggestions???

Which sign is the most popular? 

The cloud is the most popular. I think it is timeless and suitable for a young baby.

Have you always been creative?

Yes definitely. My Grandma was super creative she could make just about anything and I would often sit with her and make cards and things. She excelled at sewing and embroidery I don’t seem to have that skill though as I don’t even have the patience to sew on a button.

I see that you live in Devon, (a lovely part of the country) with your children, do they have a sign? Do they help come up with any of thedesigns?

Yes, the dragon was my little boys idea, we had a brainstorming day one day. He was a touch ambitious with his ideas!


With some thing to offer for all of the family, what is your top items for each person?  I think the leaf jewellery hanger is a fab idea, like useable art.  Being a Mama I do love a duel purpose these days?

Ohh that’s a tough one as it so depends on the person. Anything unicorn still seems to be popular with the girls. I gave my dad a bespoke Sunglasses stand as he was always losing his glasses.



What is you’re favourite colour? 

Pink (I was never EVER a pink person so this is all new to me. But I love pale pinks!!!

What is you’re favourite family meal? 

Anything Thai – ideally that I don’t have to cook myself.

What was the best piece of advice you received about motherhood? 

When I was pregnant I was overdue by 10 days, so I was induced. My BF advised to have an epidural as the labour can be a little more intense when you are induced. So I did, my 10.7lb baby girl was delivered whilst I was under epidural and I slept through most of the labour!

What is you’re favourite mom joke? 

I am rubbish with jokes – pass

If you could have super powers what would they be?

To have a bit of control over time. Pause it for a while or go back and do something again.

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would buy?

I would buy a Camper Van

What children’s show would you put into room 101?

Teletubbies! I mean what is actually going on???

What has been your best buy for your children?

They are older now… 12 and nearly 10. I just bought an app called Our Pact – I can now control their screen time on their ipads from my phone. Now that is magic!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would go anywhere that had sunshine and surf….

And lastly if you could have a pizza and a glass of vino with 3 people
who would they be?

Any 3 people? Ok I am totally obsessing over Peaky Blinders at the moment so can it be Cillian Murphey, Tom Hardy and bring my belated Grandma along too… She would have a giggle.

A note from Amie

Thank you again for joining us, and being such a good sport!  If you would like to see the goodies you can get for all of the family you can find them on the website, and more signs on Instagram.   As an extra treat, we have a 20% discount, use the code KIDS20.  For a limited time I am also running a competition to win your very own door sign, don’t forget to follow myself @theunrulyones and @najb_kids to be in with a chance to win.

Have a great day.

Love A xx


While Joshua’s door sign was gifted, all thoughts and opinions are my own.