Alternative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What to give the man this fathers day who has everything? Well, something to store it all in, obviously!

Dads often get a rough deal at this time of year – socks, chocolates, something for the garden or their hobby… how about being original and giving them something practical, and personalised, that will last all year?

Plus, there’s a 20% off order code (Enter DAD20 at checkout), so you get a bargain too. What more could you ask for?

Our range of ‘man gifts’ covers cufflink storage dishes and stands, and what we like to call ‘man boxes’ for all the stuff men keep in their pockets. (Nope, we don’t know what half of it is, either!)

Our range of ceramic dishes could be used for cufflinks, rings, watches, and other small items, and are only £6, which makes them ideal pocket-money gifts. That’s £4.80 with the 20% off code…

Personalised Badge Cufflink Dish
We also have rectangular and square dishes, which are slightly larger. See what catches your eye

Man Tray - Coin DishCoin Dish










If you’ve not seen a cufflink stand before, then chaces are, neither has the dad for whom you’re trying to find a gift. These original NAJB designs come in a variety of finishes, and are stylish and masculine, designed to display his decorative cufflinks, rather than have them cluttered in a drawer.


One of our most popular gifts for men is the Man Box. Simple and un-fussy, with a polished wood-and-black exterior, you can personalise this too, so it says ‘Dad’s Man Box’, or ‘Adam’s Man Box’, etc. Short names work best with the existing text, we’ve found! There’s a divider inside, creating smaller and larger compartments, perfect for organising his things.


So, this order code – if you want 20% off, all you need to do is put ‘Dad20’ into the box at checkout. Order before 15th June to be sure you get it in time, though we can do rush orders for an extra charge, if you leave it to the last possible minute. Contact us for details.

Happy Father’s Day to you and the men in your life!