We are 8!! Happy Birthday NAJB!!

November 2017 marks our 8th birthday and therefore we thought we’d share the amazing story of how Not A Jewellery Box came to be all those years ago. Starting with initial problem, Owner Emma decided that if she couldn’t source it- she’d make it! An idea which started off as a stall at a craft fair on her own to

EC 042becoming a full time business ran from her home in Devon with the help of 3 staff plus her mum.

Back in 2008, Emma wanted to find herself a storage solution for her earrings, something which could display them properly and avoid the nightmare of one going walkabout. Turns out this was nigh on impossible to find in the UK and therefore had to order a very basic but suitable earring hanger from the US. This sparked an idea in Emma in which she clearly saw a gap in the market and an excellent solution to an issue many women face.

It wasn’t long after this that Emma decided to start up her own little venture of selling different jewellery storage ideas, along with cute and quirky accessories to match. Not an easy thing to do whilst looking after her 3 year old daughter Keeley and baby son Logan. Throw in the fact that Emma also worked 3 days a week for Barclays and 2 days a week in Sainsbury’s and you kinda wander if this Superwoman actually had 36 hours in the day instead of 24! It’s crazy to think that this is what being a single working mother in Britain has to do to get by but to start up her own business on the side is something people can only dream of finding the time to do. Thankfully Emma has the organisation of a Swiss train company! If something needs doing, you can guarantee Emma will do it in the most time-efficient way without forgetting a thing… see, told you she was Superwoman!


At the end of 2014 Emma broke her leg and ended up having 5 months off work to recover. During this time she managed to put all her energy into developing her own brand and after eventually returning to the bank, she realised that NAJB was where her heart truly was. After 5 months of hobbling around and the help of her mother, finally Emma was in a place where she could take on the business as a full time project and build it into the successful brand it is today. Since trading with Not On The Highstreet, Etsy, Hard To Find plus notajewellerybox.co.uk NAJB have sold and sent out almost 40,000 items!

Emma is a one-woman machine and has taught herself all the necessary skills needed to make her business a successful one- Design, photography, marketing, sales… the list goes on. As NAJB has expanded so has her team and now Emma runs the show from home along with help from mum Lesley and staff Suzy, Michelle and Gemma.

I must say I am completely flattered by this post, I am lucky to have such a special team around me and Gemma has taken the time to write this blog post. She has asked me to add my top tip (stop reading now if you are a little sensitive to the odd swear word)….. BUT my advice is that sometimes you just have to say FUCK IT and give it a go, or stop doing something, or go surfing instead of working.  

(Big shout out to The White Bulb who made the number 8 full of succulents that you will see in our celebrations.)